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Belgian horticulture, with Flanders as its main production region (approximately 90%), is known for its variety, tradition, professional skill, customised solutions and quality. The showpieces of Belgian horticulture remain the azalea, tree nursery products and chrysanthemums in pots. For over ten years already, the tree nursery has been the most important subsector with an international allure. However, the market position of Flanders’ indoor plants is also enviable.

Horticulture: Belgian supplier offers personal service

Horticulture: Belgian supplier offers personal service

Belgium is one of the largest European exporters of trees, plants and flowers. Belgian exporters not only provide high-quality ornamental plants, but also guarantee personal service, excellent professional skill and enormous flexibility, also in the wholesale trade. The companies are often still family-run, where the second or third generation is currently taking its place. Family businesses have a typical company culture, where both the management and workers are proud of their products. That high degree of involvement ensures that you can count on the best quality and service.

Easy transport of ornamental plants inside and outside Europe

Flanders has a unique network of transport possibilities thanks to extensive rail, road, inland shipping and air infrastructure and furthermore enjoys a central location in Europe. Every year, Belgium exports around 568 million euros worth of plants and flowers and, largely thanks to its central location in Europe, it plays an important role in the trade.
France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are its main trading partners.

Belgian horticultural sector innovates

Belgian horticultural sector innovates

The development of new varieties is crucial to continuing to meet the market’s wishes. That is why Belgian horticulturalists are constantly looking for novelties, through their own selections or via their suppliers. There is also collaboration with the ILVO research institute, that together with the tree nursery sector develops, produces and introduces new plants of excellent quality. Key terms in this are virus-free and true to species.

Azalea from Ghent and Flemish bay plant: recognised as European regional products

Apart from the fact that European recognition offers commercial advantages, above all consumers benefit from protected European products. After all, they are guaranteed quality and origin.

With azaleas exported for some 36 million euros, Belgium is the number 1 in the world rankings.

At present, 90% of Flemish bay plants are exported to the neighbouring countries, with the largest customers being the UK, France and Germany.

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