Companies' profiles

Agora Kortrijk

Agora L.I.F.E. Kortrijk

In 2018, the Agora group is known as the one-stop-shopping wholesaler for horticultural products. And with the new L.I.F.E. concept in Kortrijk, they are proving that they are completely ready to face the future. After all, since April 2017 their customers can make purchases 24/7. In addition to selling plants, flowers and decoration, Agora also constantly offer their customers inspiration.

Hans Van De Steene & Kathleen De Buck

Van de Steene - De Buck

Large, uniform batches of top-quality azaleas. That is what azalea company Van de Steene - De Buck specialises in. Managers Hans and Kathleen can achieve this thanks to a high level of automation which enables them to react quickly to their customers’ wishes. And with their quality and environmental certificates, they can meet the ever-stricter requirements of the market.

Employee (left) & Rudy Vannevel (right)


Tree nursery Willaert is a total partner where professional clients can find any green product a garden needs in its clearly organised range. Willaert’s range of products is aimed at garden landscaping, garden centres and public authorities; it has an extensive Cash & Carry. Logistical ease of use for the client is pivotal; efficiency and environmental awareness form two important cornerstones.

Jef Jr, Jef Sr, Jan Gielies


Belgicactus specialises in the production and sale of a wide range of indoor and outdoor succulents. The new brand, ‘Fabulous Fat Friends’, aims to further emphasise the strengths of succulents: versatility, variation and low maintenance.

Willy De Nolf

Willy De Nolf

Willy De Nolf is a Belgian tree nursery specialising in growing shrubs, perennials, conifers, climbing plants and trees in pots. ‘By both varying our offer and aiming for a broad clientele, we spread our risks which translates into a healthy annual growth of the company,’ CEO Willy De Nolf testifies.



Gediflora is a global player in the breeding and production of chrysanthemums. ‘Our guarantee of uniformity is a great strength’, emphasises Manager Elien Pieters. ‘Our main activity is the production of young plants. However, we want to stay in touch with the market and promote chrysanthemums ourselves. That is why we commercialise our broad range of products with unique varieties and families under the brand name Belgian Mums®, whereby ‘mum’ refers to the abbreviation of chrysanthemum.’

Elie & Marian, Sybiel & Tom

Laurica Plants

Laurica Plants is a nursery specialising in bay plants that only grows and sells topiary bay plants in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Thanks to the choice of always starting from cuttings, Laurica Plants offers very high-quality and uniform products. In addition to bay plants, the nursery’s range also includes more hardy alternatives.

Caroline Van Sante & Patrick Neyt

Neyt - Van Sante

This specialised rose nursery stands out due to its broad range but it also offers quite a few roses with known licences. What’s more, Neyt - Van Sante is known for the heavy quality of their plants. They can guarantee this thanks to applying enforced crop rotation so that the plants are always planted in fresh soil.

Mariëlle Mentens & Bart

Mentens Tree Nursery

40 years ago, Mentens Tree Nursery began with an extremely modest 2 ha of agricultural land. With a great deal of care and hard work, the parents of the current manager Mariëlle Mentens expanded the family firm to create the 85-ha international tree nursery that it is today. Mariëlle and her husband Bart have now taken over the day-to-day running of the business. Their key focus has been to invest in quality. Apart from the introduction of new types of plants, their decision to grow plants further apart has been key to their current success.

Petra Brackenier


ID’Flor is part of the Floré group, a horticultural family business. With a consolidated turnover of 120 million euros and 550 employees, the Floré group is market leader in Belgium and one of the leading European horticultural companies. Within the group, ID’Flor specialises in azalea, rhododendron, clivia and fargesia.