Agora Kortrijk

Agora L.I.F.E. Kortrijk

In 2018, the Agora group is known as the one-stop-shopping wholesaler for horticultural products. And with the new L.I.F.E. concept in Kortrijk, they are proving that they are completely ready to face the future. After all, since April 2017 their customers can make purchases 24/7. In addition to selling plants, flowers and decoration, Agora also constantly offer their customers inspiration.

Jef Jr, Jef Sr, Jan Gielies


Belgicactus specialises in the production and sale of a wide range of indoor and outdoor succulents. The new brand, ‘Fabulous Fat Friends’, aims to further emphasise the strengths of succulents: versatility, variation and low maintenance.

(left to right) Stijn, Christa, Domien, Michael

Rahoens Tree Nursery

Rahoens Tree Nursery specialises in growing ornamental and avenue trees, on 25 hectares it produces around 35,000 trees ready for delivery every year. Its own, complete fleet of machinery, production sites within a radius of 5 km and a spacious location that is easy to reach ensure that Rahoens offers not only top-quality products but also excellent service.

Marc & Thomas Calle

Calle Plant

Calle Plant lies in the middle of the largest tree-growing region of Belgium. Calle Plant is a family business that is operated by 4 brothers, each with their own speciality so that together they offer a very wide range of ornamental and fruit plants. Layers, from hazelnuts for example, are a very specific offering in addition to the more customary tree nursery products. Calle Plant’s range of products comes from different locations, however fast and full service can be guaranteed thanks to central logistics & sales.

Frederik Matthys

De Waele - Wilwoodii

Dynamic. That’s how you could sum up the horticultural company De Waele-Wilwoodii in one word. This producer of conifers and other outdoor plants in containers is putting itself on the map in a smart and efficient way. Thanks to its experience with processing large orders, smooth logistical processing and a large storage capacity, they can handle orders for any customers, from local garden centres to large retailers.

Christoph Stevens


In the summer of 2018, the two Flemish azalea specialists, ID’Flor and De Bruyne – Flandresse, joined forces. Henceforth they will be active together under the name of FlorAmor. ‘With this synergy, we can offer a response to the consolidations around us and make more efficient investments to be ready for all kinds of new demands coming our way,’ says sales manager Christoph Stevens. FlorAmor will continue to market the existing brands, Hortinno Home & Garden and Flandresse Indoor & Outdoor.



Gediflora is a global player in the breeding and production of chrysanthemums. ‘Our guarantee of uniformity is a great strength’, emphasises Manager Elien Pieters. ‘Our main activity is the production of young plants. However, we want to stay in touch with the market and promote chrysanthemums ourselves. That is why we commercialise our broad range of products with unique varieties and families under the brand name Belgian Mums®, whereby ‘mum’ refers to the abbreviation of chrysanthemum.’

Elie & Marian, Sybiel & Tom

Laurica Plants

Laurica Plants is a nursery specialising in bay plants that only grows and sells topiary bay plants in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Thanks to the choice of always starting from cuttings, Laurica Plants offers very high-quality and uniform products. In addition to bay plants, the nursery’s range also includes more hardy alternatives.

Caroline Van Sante & Patrick Neyt

Neyt - Van Sante

This specialised rose nursery stands out due to its broad range but it also offers quite a few roses with known licences. What’s more, Neyt - Van Sante is known for the heavy quality of their plants. They can guarantee this thanks to applying enforced crop rotation so that the plants are always planted in fresh soil.

Rimbaut & Sons

Rimbaut & Sons

Rimbaut is a tree nursery that focuses on exporting with a wide range of products cultivated outdoors and in containers. The company has a large network so that customers can buy not only its own products but also specialities grown by other producers.