IPM Essen 2019: Meet the Belgian masters of horticulture at the VLAM stand

IPM Essen is the annual pinnacle for the international horticultural sector. Belgium is one of the original exhibitors and this year is celebrating this intense relationship as a partner country of the fair. This translates into a wide selection of additional activities, ranging from official ceremonies and dynamic networking moments to seminars with content and news corners.

This year, a robust delegation of around 70 Belgian exhibitors is present at the fair to establish and maintain trade relations. 38 of them are participating under the umbrella of the VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board. You will find them in hall 2 (stands B25 + D30), hall 6 (stand C26) and hall 8 (stands D25-26-28).

38 companies in 3 group stands

No fewer than 38 Flemish horticultural companies will take part in the group stand of VLAM, and thus we can beat our record from past year. Together, they represent the broad range of Belgian ornamental products, from the typically Flemish plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, flowering indoor plants, Flemish bay and chrysanthemum to shrubs, young and bedding plants and tree nursery products. The group stands are divided over the 3 halls:

- Hall 2 (stand B25 + D30): Azanova, Dataflor, De Croock, De Vos - Hertschap, De Waele - Wilwoodii, De Wilde John, Denis-Plants, Deroose Plants, Exotic Plant Belgium, Floramor, Gediflora, Gernée Siergrassen, Herplant, Het Wilgenbroek, Hortinno, Joluplant, Leybaert, Microflor, Pelargonium De Cock, Rudy Raes Bloemzaden, Sonneville Philip, VDW Plant.

- Hall 6 (stand C26): ADM Greentraders, Block Jules, Calle-Plant, Goossens Raf, Heyeveld, Laurica-plants, Lens Roses, Oprins Plant, Rimbaut Peter tree nursery, Schepers bvba tree nursery, Van Poecke & zn, Vandamme Sierplanten, Vos Patrick tree nursery.

- Hall 8 (stands D25-26-28): Neyt - Van Sante, Sylva, Van Hulle B&C.

Belgium, from original partner to partner country

From the very first edition of IPM in 1982, Belgium quickly found its way to Essen, where it was even the very first foreign exhibitor. Since then, the fair has grown sharply and the number of Belgian participants has also increased steadily. After all, the importance of this international meeting platform was soon clear to the Belgians. This year, Belgium is a partner country for the second time. The partnership is borne by VLAM and the AVBS (General Confederation of the Belgian Horticultural Sector) and is resulting in a broad spectrum of activities. A photo booth will also be set up at a number of special events, that refers to a Breughelian scene from the 16th century. In the same period as the heyday of the Flemish master painters, the horticultural sector also flourished. And just like the master painters, the horticulturalists are masters of their profession.

New concept ‘Roots & Leaves’

At IPM, the new logo that the Flemish horticultural sector uses in its communication abroad will be used for the first time. The name ‘Roots & Leaves’ is all-encompassing for the broad horticultural sector, in which all the products have roots and leaves. ‘Roots’ refers to the origin, whilst ‘Leaves’ looks forward to the end result: a flowering, healthy plant that is also the foundation for healthy trade relations and guarantees a satisfied end customer. The caption ‘Cultivating Flemish Excellence’ in the logo refers to the excellent craftsmanship of the Flemish companies, reflected in uniform quality, innovations and service.

The signature also names the new site Visitors can search for a supplier in the database, find information about participation in trade fairs and gain more insight into the Flemish horticultural sector thanks to the product blocks, background dossiers, figures and company reports.