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Belgian fruit tree growers are renowned worldwide for supplying top quality. With their great commitment and constant innovation, these family companies cultivate trees to meet the highest of requirements.

Knowledge passed from generation to generation means they know perfectly how to work the Haspengouw soil for excellent rooting, which cutting technique yields the strongest lateral branches, and which combinations produce the tastiest of fruit.

The result: trees that can flourish in any climate with delicious results.

Apples, pears and cherries. In a hundred varieties

Over the years the fruit tree growers have become specialists in the cultivation of annual and biannual apple, pear and cherry trees. They have proved to be masters of the art: each year a new variety originates that is even tastier and more fertile than the last one. Fruit trees from Belgian soil suffice with regard to all European requirements and have been rightly crowned with the Flemish Government's certification label.

Research and knowledge, to grow even further

Besides the fruit tree growers, the Research Station for Fruit in Limburg ( also monitors the quality of the trees. This research and knowledge station supports fruit tree growers with innovative cultivation assistance, professional pilot projects and the supply of virus-free material.

Pcfruit researches all applications for crop protection, combating diseases in fruit growing, environmentally friendly cultivation techniques based on cutting, feeding, fruit thinning, etc. The station also works on the chemical and biological combating of harmful animal species to be able to offer a solution to all challenges in the fruit cultivation sector.

Our assets, at your service

The knowledge at the research station, combined with the individualised work and the many years of experience of the fruit tree growers, results in strong, virus-free trees that require less attention from growers worldwide. Thanks to this care you can enjoy a higher return on investment: you not only start with healthy trees cultivated in line with your requirements, you also have the certainty that the fruit from your fruit trees will satisfy all requirements.