Indoor plants

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Indoor plants, a premium Flemish product and trend-setting young plant sector

Indoor plants are one of the most important products in Flemish ornamental plant-growing. The most cultivated varieties are Hedera, Clivia, Spathiphyllum, Ficus, Schefflera, Howeia, Kalanchoë, Cyclamen, Euphorbia pulcherrima and diverse bromeliads and ferns. Belgian in-vitro growers also play a trend-setting role on the world stage in the young plant sector. Today, they produce ten percent of the world’s in-vitro indoor plants. The most important cultures are bromeliads, Calathea, Anthurium, Cordyline, Ficus, Nepenthes, Gloxinia, Spathiphyllum, Alocasia, and orchids.